Do You Know The Strategic Value Of Running A Sale?

A major sale brings in new customers that have never been to your store.  On average, 30% of all sales transactions are to new clients.  Expanding your mailing list is vital.

A sale event brings in customers you won’t even remember you had.  People who haven’t shopped with you for years will come back to your store and buy.

You need to give people a reason to buy jewelry over other luxury items.  Travel, cruises, vacations, and entertainment are all on the rise.  Head them off with a jewelry sale event.

Inflation is on the rise, as are gold and diamond prices.  You know it, and so do your customers.  Give them a reason to buy now at significant savings to counter the onslaught of inflation.  

We use numerous advertising techniques to promote and position your store for a sale.  Our customized marketing plan will include strategies that will be new to you and ones you have never even considered.  As a result, your brand will be seen by everyone. 

Every jewelry store has aged and unwanted inventory.  Eliminate it during your sale and raise some cash to reduce debt, sock money away, or buy fresh merchandise.

If you’ve ever thought of retiring, closing your store, or simply eliminating underperforming merchandise, this is the very best time to consider a sale.  Do it in style and put an unprecedented amount of money in your pocket.