A Solution To Losing Customers

Jeff Gordon
Aug 9, 2018

Every jeweler has the problem of aging customers. It’s great that they have the financial resources to buy bigger and better merchandise, but the tendency of mature clients is to slow down on jewelry purchases, if not stop entirely. And every jeweler loses clients over time simply by attrition.

The biggest challenge for upscale jewelers is to attract and retain new customers. Bridal customers, in particular, are critical because they are young enough to become lifelong clients if we can get them into the store and give them an experience they won’t soon forget.

At The Gordon Company, we expand the reach of every upscale jeweler through creative ways of building their email and direct mail lists, getting people into the store during a sale event who have often never crossed the jeweler’s threshold. Customers tell us surprising stories. We hear things like: “I never knew you existed at this location.” Or, “I never felt comfortable coming into your store.” Or, “I didn’t think I could afford your quality of merchandise.” 

Comments like these are music to our ears because we know we brought new customers to the store who had a great experience and will very likely come back to make more purchases in the future. Attracting and developing new customers is the lifeblood of every fine jeweler’s business. We help jewelers do this. Let us help you, too.


Jeff Gordon