Anytime Is The Right Time To Run A Sale

Jeff Gordon
Mar 24, 2022

Jewelers sometimes worry about the right time to run a sale event. One of our clients was in the same predicament last year, but as you will see in the results below, the family was happy they started a sale when they did. A highly successful sale can be run at any time of the year if done right.

A Real-time example: 

– 40-day sale started right after Mother’s Day 2021

– Had a multi-million-dollar sales goal 

– Week One: accomplished 30% of the multi-million-dollar sales goal

– Results were double the projected sales expected for week one and 12 times greater than the sales during the same week a year before

– Average ticket price was over $1,500 for the first week and out of 744 guests who walked in the door, 576 sales were recorded, a 77% closing ratio.

This may sound remarkable to you, and it is. But it is not unusual for our sale events because we’ve been there hundreds of times before and we know what we’re doing. We have a formula that works, and we want to help more fine jewelers drive incredible traffic, eliminate unwanted inventory, improve cash flow, and hedge against a loss of discretionary income by customers who are now making travel plans.

As per our above example, it shows that you can have Christmas sales in the months of May and June, or any other month for that matter.

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Ira Bergman, President