Are Bridal Products and Semi-mounts Weighing You Down?

Jeff Gordon
Nov 6, 2019

The tremendous focus on bridal over the past decade has created a huge problem in our industry. Opening orders of new bridal lines can bury you with numerous pieces that are extremely difficult to sell.

We meet with many fine jewelers who are overwhelmed with products in this category. Moreover, they have very few ways of extracting themselves from the products. Most items over a year or two old have very little chance of selling without a clever way to do so.

What caused the problem? A desire to be more things to more people and to satisfy the insatiable craving for new styles has added to the inventory burden of every fine jeweler. When we analyze the merchandise holdings of our clients, we have to be creative in how we help them sell unwanted products. Bridal products and semi-mounts represent a big liability and a huge challenge, but we have ways of selling them.

Sometimes we recommend a major bridal event to attract consumer attention. Breaking pieces up is also an option, as is mounting colored stones to create a new and different look. What we know better than anyone is that jewelers are carrying inventory in this category that is holding them back from doing business because the drain on capital is so problematic.

If I’m making sense to you and you have this problem, please contact us so we can help you. It took years to get into this problem, but it may only take months to get out of it. Call us today for a free, confidential consultation.


Jeff Gordon, CEO