Bring People Back to Your Store

Jeff Gordon
Aug 19, 2020

You’ve reopened your store and may be benefitting from some pent-up demand due to the forced closures this Spring.  Despite this, traffic is still down even if sales are okay.  Odds are, traffic will continue to suffer through at least the end of the year, and likely well into 2021.

You may be one of the many jewelers who have suffered from not only decreased traffic, but also sluggish sales.  This is a crisis waiting to happen, and if so, the most surefire way to bring people back into your store and create the sales you need to survive this time period is to have a professionally-run sale event.

Our sales generate enormous traffic – think Holiday Season on steroids – and can generate a year’s worth of business or more in only 60 days.  For many jewelers – and perhaps you – this may be the only alternative you have to eliminate aged and unwanted inventory, create significant cash flow, and be prepared for better times when things reach a new normal sometime next year.

We know we can help you, so contact us right away for free, confidential, no-obligation advice.  We want to bring people back into your store, maintain a hospital-clean selling environment, and help you emerge from the pandemic with a healthy business.


Jeff Gordon, CEO