Choosing Stability Over Instability

Jeff Gordon
Jun 24, 2022

Is the economy getting better or worse? It’s hard to tell. 

Stock market losses are creating instability in many 401(k) and retirement plans. And when people get concerned about their net worth, even those with discretionary income tend to hold back on spending. Luxuries are among the first expenditures deemed optional, and unfortunately that includes jewelry purchases as well.

None of us has a crystal ball to know what the near-term business outcome will be. Will inflation continue at its current pace? Will the markets decline further or rebound? Will gas prices stay high? Will the war in Ukraine cause more unrest? Will jewelry continue to be the sought-after gift of choice?

Don’t dread what the future might bring. If you’ve been considering ways of mitigating instability in the marketplace, it may be time to run a major sale event. The benefits are significant: eliminating aged merchandise, raising cash, paying off debt, funding a remodel, expanding your client base, and perhaps most of all, ensuring a good year when signs of instability are in the air.

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Jeff Gordon, CEO