Customize Your Exit Strategy

Jeff Gordon
Nov 10, 2022

Established in 1923, Anderson Brothers Jewelers in Lubbock, TX was one of West Texas’ oldest and finest stores. But after nearly 100 years of service to the community, the owners made the difficult decision to retire. Knowing our quality reputation, they called on The Gordon Company to run their extensive sale events.

Normally we devise one major sale for a jeweler, but in the case of Anderson Brothers, we developed two customized events that took tremendous advantage of their 99-year history. We conducted an Anniversary Sale in December to maximize gross profit during the busiest season of the year. We then gave January a rest and came back with a Retirement/Going Out of Business Sale that in total garnered huge returns for the retiring owners.

My point in sharing this is that we custom design every sale event to maximize the value to our clients after we understand each jeweler’s unique situation. Whether you’re moving your store, closing a store, monetizing your inventory before transitioning it to a child, or simply going out of business, our role is to design a program that works to your wishes and your ultimate benefit.

 If you are in a quandary of what to do next, you need help devising a plan that works for you. Don’t go it alone. Give us a call to learn more about how we can help you. We look forward to hearing from you.


Jeff Gordon, CEO