Do You Have a Clear Message?

Jeff Gordon
Oct 8, 2019

I came across the above sign the other day and asked myself, “What the heck does that mean?” Is it a construction sale where they’re selling construction equipment or construction materials, a sale because they’re under construction, or something else? Oh, and how does the American flag tie into this “construction sale”? I had no idea what message they were attempting to communicate here.

That sign reminded me of just how poorly we can communicate at times to our employees and our customers. We can’t be too clear in whatever we want to convey because people can’t read our minds, nor do they read every word we write or understand all the catch phrases we may use. Clear and concise communication is vital to getting our points across without ambiguity.

If the public doesn’t understand who you are and what you offer, your business will suffer as a result. You need a marketing and communication plan that is clear from a 360-degree viewpoint. Every element must be tied together and convey a common thought and a well-understood message.

That’s what we do when we create a theme for our sale events. No two events are exactly alike, although many carry the same elements to convey priority, urgency, and clarity. You only get one chance to knock it out of the park, so you need a proven partner to do the right thing in the right way to get the best financial results for you.

Our track record with upscale jewelers speaks for itself, but I want to be very clear. We work extremely hard to bring you maximum results with optimum professionalism with the integrity you expect from experts in the field.

So the next time you want to ensure clarity and success, contact us and you’ll get the clear choice in major sale events in the retail jewelry industry.


Jeff Gordon, CEO