Do You Have the Same Old Thinking?

Jeff Gordon
Jun 23, 2021

I know it’s hard. It’s hard to wrap our head around new thinking. We’re used to doing what we’ve always done which always gives us what we’ve always gotten. 

But 2020, and even 2021, has taught us a lot about what to do in the face of adversity. We had to do things differently in order to cope, and to thrive. 

But not everyone made the transition. Some are still suffering from what to do in the face of enormous change. Maybe I’m speaking to you as you read this.

One thing you can’t do is what you’ve always done. You’ll just get the same old results and that won’t help you deal with the adjustments that must be made. 

Running a major sale event will change your thinking. Frankly, it will change everything. A Gordon Company sale this summer or fall will:

• Drive traffic and grow your customer list 

• Increase sales by 3 to 4x’s in a comparable period of time 

• Eliminate aged and unwanted inventory 

• Create significant cash flow for new merchandise

You can’t afford the same old thinking, so don’t delay. Contact us immediately for a confidential, no-obligation consultation on how we can assist you in implementing a new way of thinking into your business.



Jeff Gordon, CEO