Do You Want More Customers?

Jeff Gordon
Sep 10, 2021

Some fine jewelers have managed to pick up clients when others have closed their doors. But our experience at The Gordon Company is that the pace of new customer acquisition lags far behind what it needs to be, especially in light of the number of store closings. If you are stagnant or even achieving modest growth with new customers, that isn’t enough in this economy.

You need an infusion over and above simple organic growth of your customer base.

Our clients are shocked when they see how we drive traffic. They see people cross their threshold that have never before been in their store. Some of these new customers even say that they’ve lived in town for years but have never heard of the store until they had a major sale event orchestrated by our team.

Most jewelers think of a sale only as a means of reducing aged inventory. Few think of it as a means of building their client base, which is exactly what we do.

Of course, we also generate tremendous cash flow for you, eliminate unwanted inventory, and create an unparalleled buzz and celebration in your community. But the comment we hear most often from our clients is how we created new customers for them. On average, 30% or more of all purchases are from customers who have never been to the store.

Why not benefit as other fine jewelers have with a custom-designed sale event that meets your goals and builds your customer base. Call us today to get in line for a sale.


Ira Bergman, President