Emergency Cash Raising

Jeff Gordon
Jun 22, 2020

COVID-19 has placed the American jewelry industry in an untenable financial position.  The looting of jewelry stores has added insult to injury and our heart goes out to those who have been affected.  And with the late reopening of stores in some states, the crisis can linger for much longer than anyone would like.

People calling us have been devastated economically and are searching for answers and advice on next steps.  We assure them there is no shame in admitting that the Coronavirus pandemic has strapped them for cash.  We get it.  It has hurt everyone.

Most of our sales are 60-day events, but this isn’t always necessary to get out of an immediate cash crunch.  We can do a 30 or 40-day sale event for what we might call “emergency” cash raising.  An event like this can easily fit into the summer or fall time of year.

If cash is a definite need for you this year, we can help.  Contact us right away for a thorough and complementary review of your needs.  There is no time to waste if you are in need.  Please let us know right away.


Jeff Gordon, CEO