Jeff Gordon
Nov 5, 2021

This is an incomparable time we live in—one with exciting and unique opportunities. Right now, with the boom in the jewelry industry, there are countless prospects for you and your store. You may have not thought about it this way previously, but let us explain.

“Imagine the last ten days before Christmas and multiply it by SIX TIMES.” This was a statement made by one of our valued clients during the last holiday season. We believe results like these will be seen during this coming holiday season as well.

If business is down, we’re speaking to you. 

If sales are up, we can be your trusted partner as well. 

Now is the time to capitalize on a never-before-seen possibility for your business. Conducting a high-impact sale event with The Gordon Company benefits jewelers in numerous ways. One of those major ways includes bringing in top-of-the-line inventory into your store from a wide array of vendors that we have long-standing relationships with. 

We’d like you to see beyond just the couple of months that we will be with you running your sale, however, and here are some of the long-term advantages of a Gordon Company sale:

  • An Inventory Reduction Sale will rid you of unwanted, aged inventory in order to purchase fresh, new product for your clientele to enjoy far after we leave your store, ultimately boosting your revenues
  • A Retirement Sale will help you retire in style and provide you with the financial peace you always dreamed of
  • A Store Closing Sale can allow you to close an unproductive store, to provide you with the cash flow to remodel your flagship store in the way that you’ve been wanting to but never had the money for
  • A Cash Raising Sale will raise the funds needed to market your business in the manner that you know you should be in order to increase customer traffic, as well as potentially upgrading your online selling platform to increase internet sales also

So, as you can see, the possibilities are endless—and these are just a handful of the numerous sale promotions we run for our clients. However, you can’t afford to wait. Now IS the time to make the decision to take on The Gordon Company as your strategic partner for the major sale event that WILL be the Sale of your Store’s Lifetime!


Jeff Gordon, CEO