Experts in Asset Management and Disposition

Jeff Gordon
Sep 21, 2018

People ask us what makes us different. We work almost exclusively with upscale fine jewelers across North America. They come to us because they know The Gordon Company difference.

We advise, monetize, and help you capitalize on your primary business asset: your inventory. We apply our decades of  experience and expertise to relentlessly get you the maximum return on your aged and under-performing  merchandise. Each year, we help dozens of jewelers monetize tens of millions of dollars of unwanted product.

We protect, preserve, and promote your coveted brand name, reputation, and standing in your community. We aren’t  GOB-centric. We are there to help you move into the future with strength and confidence. We take your future    seriously because we want to be your partner for life.

We create, innovate, and think out-of-the-box to customize and tailor every sale event to fit your exact needs. No two  jewelers are exactly alike, so we bring our entire management team into every sale to create customized solutions to  maximize your return on investment and to make your job – and your future – the very best it can be.

We stay with you following your sale event. We don’t leave you once we complete your sale. We follow-up with  detailed analyses on the sale itself: what advertising and marketing strategies worked the best, what suggestions and  recommendations we have for your future success, and what observations we made during the event to help your  business thrive in the years ahead.

So what makes us different? Industry-specific knowledge, speed and efficiency, financial knowledge, experience, ongoing service. These are all important. But maybe the thing that sets us apart is our care and concern for our clients. We have heart. We aren’t pushy. We exist to serve.

Contact us today to experience The Gordon Company difference and what we can do to help your business.


Jeff Gordon