FIVE Important Reasons to Run a Sale Event in 2021

Jeff Gordon
Apr 5, 2021

Running a sale is good business most any year, but it is especially good in 2021 for these five important reasons: 

  1. Luxury Purchasing Will Change

We were lucky.  2020 was better for jewelry sales than any of us expected when the pandemic hit.  Purchasing jewelry became the luxury choice when travel was halted.  But this won’t last forever.  Travel has already picked up and will continue to grow as a jeweler’s biggest competition.  You should run a sale event before those disposable dollars go to travel agents and cruise lines.

  1. You Need Traffic & Customers

No matter how successful you are, attrition eats away at your customer base.  30% of the purchases in our typical sale are produced by people who have never before entered your store.  A major sale event is the best way to add new clients to your mailing list.

  1. Online Purchases Augment Brick & Mortar

The pandemic proved that every jeweler needs to supplement in-store sales with a strong online and omni-channel presence.  We created e-commerce sites for our sale events in only a few days that provided the digital capacity our clients needed to succeed.  We can do this for you, too.

  1. A Sale is Appreciated by Your Customers

You’ve had a community presence over many years.  What better way to say thank you to your customers and friends than to allow them to benefit from special pricing on merchandise you would welcome clearing out.  It’s your way of saying thank you.

  1. Liquidity is Always Valued

Financial security is never a given in our business.  The key to ‘peace of mind’ is having liquidity.  Our sales provide the cash insurgence you need to lower bank and trade debt, and give you the freedom to replenish aged inventory with fresh, saleable products.

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Ira Bergman, President