Get Creative

Jeff Gordon
Apr 8, 2020

Car dealers are offering months of no payments and free delivery of new and even pre-owned vehicles. Airlines are slashing prices on flights with the cleanest seats and main cabins we’ve seen. Restaurants are making deals on take-out and delivery to stay in business and retain their employees.

What will fine jewelers do to be as creative and to rejuvenate business quickly from government-mandated closures?

It’s time to innovate as never before. Connect with your staff and encourage clever ideas. Leverage your social media in every possible form. Use your point of sale system to remind customers of birthdays and anniversaries. Make phone calls to your best clients to let them know you care. This isn’t a time to be timid. Build a smarter staff by taking advantage of webinars and online classes being offered by consultants and trainers. And be a good neighbor, not just a good jeweler, by assisting anyone who can’t get out to shop for food or medicine.

It’s the business that reaches out first and best that will benefit the most.

Consumers have been cooped up far too long. People are going to want to get out, and when they do, you need to be ready for them. So get creative. Light a fire from within, and get your staff out of a funk and into the right mood. Use them to help, but lead them like an owner should. You need to grease the wheels to get customers back into your store. Devise your plans now!

The jewelry industry isn’t going away. Engagements will rise in the aftermath of the recent scourge. People want and need your products and your support.


Jeff Gordon, CEO