Go Out on a High!

Jeff Gordon
Sep 22, 2021

People are selling their homes while prices are very high. They know the current wave won’t last forever.

Although this is the case in the housing market, how about jewelry stores? We’ve heard from numerous retailers that sales of jewelry merchandise are also very high at this time; however, no one knows how long this current wave will last either.

Selling your store is rarely an option these days, but going out on a high is not. Most jewelers don’t realize that the best time to retire is when your business is doing well.

But one thing is pretty certain: you won’t have a better year to consider going out of business or transitioning your business if retirement is on your radar.

If this is even a mild consideration, you may want to speed up your retirement plans. We are happy to provide advice on a complimentary basis with zero obligation on your part.

Contact us today to see how our decades of experience can make the difference you are looking for. Let us help you go out on a high.


Jeff Gordon, CEO