Happy Thanksgiving from The Gordon Company!

Jeff Gordon
Nov 25, 2021

Thanksgiving week is the most traveled time in the United States, and it will likely continue to be this year, despite COVID. Even with all the challenges each of us has faced in the midst of a lingering pandemic, there is still so much to be thankful for. Gathering with family and friends re-unites our spirits and brings much hope for the future.

A fun thing to do at Thanksgiving is to give a little quiz around the dinner table to see who knows the most about the very first Thanksgiving in America. Just for fun, here are 10 questions you might want to ask your guests, with the answers bolded:

1) The Pilgrims landed at what they called Plymouth Rock on September 20th, 1620, which is now part of what state? Massachusetts

2) We call them Pilgrims, but what was the name of their actual religious group? a) Lutherans, b) Puritans, c) Methodists, or d) Baptists?

3) The Pilgrims learned to plant corn from the native Indians. What did they plant with the corn to ensure a healthy crop? a) a dead fish, b) vegetable scraps, or c) dried leaves?

4) Which utensil did the Pilgrims NOT eat with? a) a fork, b) a knife, c) a spoon, or d) their fingers?

5) You probably know that the day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday. What is the Monday after Thanksgiving now called? Cyber Monday

6) A female turkey is called a hen and she chuckles. A male turkey gobbles, and he’s often called a gobbler. By what other common name is a male turkey called? Tom

7) For you nutritionists out there, which has more protein? Chicken, Beef, or Turkey?

8) For you sports fans, which NFL team always plays a game on Thanksgiving? a) the Lions, b) the Bears, c) the Chargers, or d) the Rams?

9) For you cooks out there, what is the best place to put the thermometer in a turkey? a) the breast, b) the back, c) the leg or d) the thigh?

10) The first Thanksgiving parade was sponsored by a famous department store that was well-known for its window displays. Was it a) Dillards, b) Gimbels, or c) Saks?

Bonus Question: We all know that Thanksgiving falls on the 4th Thursday of November, so what is the earliest numerical date that Thanksgiving can actually fall on? The 22nd

Have fun around the dinner table and Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at The Gordon Company!!!