How to Compete with Travel

Jeff Gordon
May 13, 2021

After being cooped up for over a year with the pandemic, most people have the bug to travel again. Southwest Airlines asks, “Want to get away?” Yes, people do.

But what does that mean to you? Jewelry stores are already experiencing increased competition from the travel, recreation, and entertainment industries, and it will only get worse as COVID-19 vaccinations are available to everyone, young and old. 

Daily traffic to jewelry stores is down, even if sales are okay. With the aging of Baby Boomers and the loss of older customers, the need for younger customers has never been greater. You need an injection, and I don’t mean a shot.

Having a major sale event is the best way to build traffic and create new customers while simultaneously increasing cash flow and eliminating aged and unwanted merchandise. Moreover, 30% of those new customers will have never been to your store. 

The competition for discretionary dollars in the luxury sector is rising quickly. You need to give customers a reason to shop with you. Give us a call or drop us a line because we know how to help. 



Jeff Gordon, CEO