How We Drive People to Your Store and Your Website

Jeff Gordon
Oct 20, 2020

We are often asked how we generate such a high volume of traffic to a store during a major sale event.  The answer is pretty simple, but the techniques are anything but simple or ordinary.

The advertising mix we may choose to use can incorporate up to 15 different forms.  Some, like print or social media, are common to you, but many of the other types of promotion are those you have likely never used, and likely would never think of in planning your own sale.

We begin with a very sophisticated marketing plan that has yielded tremendous results in hundreds of past sales, both by bringing people to your store, and your website.  But every store and every sale is different, and may call for changes that require lightning fast movement of what’s working, or what’s not.  The process involves a daily review of every customer who walks in the door or contacts us in any way we can trace.  The amount of data we retrieve is mind-boggling, and tells us how to move quickly to increase, decrease, alter, or incorporate new forms of promotion.  We don’t just throw money at it.  We calculate every move with speed and precision, and with our increased digital solutions, we ensure greater safety for you, your employees, and your customers. 

The financial results speak for themselves.  And so do our clients, who reap the benefit of selling aged and unwanted merchandise, generating cash flow like never before, and preparing for a new year with money in the bank and a new outlook on the future.  Contact us today to see how we can drive people to your store and your website.


Jeff Gordon, CEO