How’s Your Credit?

Jeff Gordon
Aug 5, 2020

The pandemic has affected everyone in our industry and has crippled many otherwise healthy businesses.  Mandated store closures this spring created an unprecedented level of disruption to everyone’s cash flow.  Businesses have struggled and financial stability has been shaken.

We’re aware that many credit ratings have dropped since COVID-19 hit.  Our concern is that these ratings have a major impact on future purchasing power.  If your ability to pay bills has caused undo stress and has hurt your reputation through delayed payments, we would like to help.

Running a 30, 40, or 60-day sale event can help you raise immediate cash, reduce unwanted merchandise, fulfill your financial obligations, and restore your credit worthiness.  The best way to do this is with seasoned professionals like The Gordon Company.

Give us a call for a confidential, no-obligation consultation.  There is nothing to be ashamed about, so please don’t let pride get in the way.  We know what to do to help you achieve the financial freedom you need.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Jeff Gordon, CEO