In a New Environment, Do Old Ways Still Work?

Jeff Gordon
Apr 6, 2021

In a nutshell, yes; tried and true methods still work. But an ability to adapt to the times we live in and to create innovative new processes with the technology now available to us is paramount. 

The numerous sales events we’ve conducted over the past year prove this point. Our traditional promotional strategies work just as well as they always have, even in a COVID, mask-wearing environment. Maybe even better because the people who respond to a major sale are more serious today than ever before. 

Fewer lookers and more buyers lead to effective sales, and that’s what we’ve experienced over the past 12 months. Brick and mortar isn’t going away, and when combined with the new, online platform we create for you, it’s a winning combination.

Let’s face it, traffic is down and you need a shot in the arm – and I don’t mean a vaccine in this case. You need that strong jolt to ensure your year’s business, drive buyers to your store, and eliminate aged merchandise that weighs you down. 

The Gordon Company has the answers. All you need to do is call. Our busy season is arriving and we want to save a spot for your major sale event. Be first in your market to conduct one. 



Jeff Gordon, CEO