It Is Time to Make a Decision

Jeff Gordon
Sep 23, 2022

It’s Time to Make a Decision!

You have probably felt a slowdown in the economy and your business like many other jewelers. A recession may be looming and only time will tell. For sure, there is plenty of uncertainty out there.

So what will you do to secure a strong Holiday Season? 

If you’ve ever considered a major sale event for any number of reasons:

  • increasing cash flow
  • eliminating aged merchandise
  • transitioning your business to the next generation
  • paying off debt
  • relocating your business or even closing a store
  • bolstering walk-in traffic

Now is the time to act!

The degree of uncertainty in the economy will continue. It’s still not too late, but you have to move quickly. 

Call our president, Ira Bergman, 917-861-9607, right away to secure your place for a sale event that will save your year and ensure a smooth landing into 2023.

We look forward to hearing from you because it’s time to make a decision!


Jeff Gordon, CEO