Looking Forward to Recovery

Jeff Gordon
Apr 23, 2020

We are all continuing to suffer from the Coronavirus shut-down, but we see signs of flattening the curve and a time very soon when we can get back to business. This also means eventual recovery and a resumption of growth in our businesses. 

Your number one task right now is to plan a detailed outline of exactly what you need to do when your store opens up. Pick a date that is most realistic and work backwards planning your strategy. Consider every aspect of your business: employees, marketing, community relations, merchandise needs, and customer outreach, to name several.

Ask yourself a most important question. How can I build my business back up quickly and efficiently? 

It is not our style at The Gordon Company to place pressure on clients or prospective clients, but I feel compelled to alert you to something that concerns me this year. We are getting a lot of calls from fine jewelers needing to rebound from the Coronavirus crisis and we are already booking major sale events for the Summer, Fall and Christmas seasons. I mention this because if you are considering using our expertise as we emerge from this current challenge, we need to know about it as soon as possible.

We are securing more resources to handle the demand, but please alert us to your level of interest now. We appreciate your understanding and your rapid response to help secure your year, and your future. 


Jeff Gordon, CEO