Losing Customers to the Internet?

Jeff Gordon
Feb 1, 2020

The most consistent concern we hear from jewelers is the loss of traffic due to any number of factors, chief among them, the Internet. Most jewelers want and need to capture younger clients for bridal sales, and for future sales down the line. Most of these customers do their research online, and many shop online for gems and jewelry, largely because they can.

Many jewelers also complain that Baby Boomers are not in the market for fine jewelry anymore, indicating that they have enough. That’s debatable in our view because they certainly have the most money, and women, in particular, haven’t stopped wanting diamonds and fine jewels. But what isn’t debatable is the fact that you lose customers over time and you need to constantly replenish them.

When you couple this idea with the fact that you have aged and unwanted inventory that you must reduce or eliminate, you have a perfect reason to do a major sale event in your store. Not only will you reduce and monetize previously unsaleable merchandise, which allows you to purchase or manufacture new lines, you will create an expanded mailing list of new buyers for future purchases. 30-40% of all purchases in our sales are done by people who had never previously bought from the store. That’s an amazing statistic that proves our ability to drive traffic and build mailing lists, the lifeblood of all businesses.

So if this makes sense, feel free to give us a call to see how we can help you combat Internet sales, drive new traffic to your store, grow your mailing list, eliminate unwanted inventory, and create necessary cash flow for fresh merchandise in 2020.


Jeff Gordon, CEO