Make Your Profits Blossom This Season

Jeff Gordon
Mar 29, 2024
The cherry blossoms came early this year, and it has me thinking… would you like your profits to blossom early as well?  

If so, we still have space available for YOUR mid-year sale.  

Considering the uncertainties of this major election year and global conflicts, I wanted to share a quick insight from The Gordon Company that I believe will be very helpful to you and your business. As a leader in promotional retail sales, we specialize in helping jewelers just like you with sales and promotions that are unique to your specific needs.   Spring, Summer, or Fall; a mid-year sale could be the right strategic move for your store. Offering benefits such as:

· 30% increase in new customers for your mailing and email list
· Four times your normal store volume
· Cash flow you’ve never experienced at this time of year
· Significant reduction in aged and underperforming inventory
. Save your good margins for the Holiday Season

If this sounds like a promising opportunity, we’d be happy to discuss it further. Spots are still available for these upcoming sale seasons, but won’t last long, so don’t delay in contacting us. We care about our clients and want to help your money tree be in full bloom!