Never Waste a Good Crisis

Jeff Gordon
May 26, 2020

In reference to the challenges faced after World War II, it was Winston Churchill who first said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”  The same might be said about the Coronavirus pandemic.  No one planned for a Coronavirus crisis, but we must now face it head on as our businesses begin to reopen.

I always try to provide good content when I write, things that are thought-provoking, but practical, that you can use right away.  In other words, I don’t try to sell in my messages.  But I want to be right up front in this one.

Tens of millions of people have lost their jobs.  Businesses in every sector have been devastated.  Many won’t reopen because they can’t.  The financial toll on our economy and on people will be hard to recover from this year.  Candidly, everyone needs help.  There are no exceptions.

Despite some governmental support for small businesses, like yours, there is never enough capital to sustain the average business long term.  That’s where we come in.  We are experts in dealing with adverse conditions in our industry.  At a time like this, raising cash is critical to ensure survival.

In the current environment, you need to do something strong as your business reopens.  A great deal of your precious capital is tied up in aged and underperforming merchandise.  It’s time to have a major sale event to raise the cash you need to move your business forward.  Tap into the resources we provide and help your business thrive, near and long term. 

We look forward to hearing from you very soon because you never want to let a good crisis go to waste.


Jeff  Gordon, CEO