Our Sale Events in 2021 Never Caught COVID!

Jeff Gordon
Mar 10, 2022

Despite our decades of experience running major sale events for jewelers, even we were surprised at the results of our sales last year.  There were three big takeaways that I must share with you:

1) We had to throw our sales projections out the window.  We blew past them with multiples never before seen.

2) There was absolutely no let down in business following mid-year sales.

3) Record December results were achieved despite running a sale earlier in the year.

We all know this is an extraordinary time for the jewelry industry.  If there was ever a time to leverage an economic environment, it is now.

One client said it this way: 

“We were able to eliminate vast quantities of aged merchandise without any effect on our future business, and still had a record Christmas season.  But what we learned in advertising and promotion through social media, direct mail, and integration of QR codes, along with the 500 new customers we gained during the sale, will benefit us for many years to come.”

Don’t catch COVID.  Catch the wave of sale events that are hitting record numbers.  Contact us today for a free, confidential, no-obligation consultation.


Jeff Gordon, CEO