Questions about 2023?

Jeff Gordon
Feb 22, 2023

Most jewelers we talk to have experienced an unprecedented level of business since mid-2020. Profits grew, debt has been paid down, and inventory is more in control.

At the same time, many we are speaking to are considering if now is the right time to exit or transition the business. What we hear is, “We don’t want to give all our profits back to support an unknown future.”

These feelings are only increased by the age of the jewelers we speak to. Many are at, or nearing, retirement age and need to know what’s next in business and in life.

At The Gordon Company, as much as we advertise, exhibit at shows, and share our insights through our newsletter and articles, we still get asked what we do. Yes, we orchestrate sale events of multiple types for retail jewelers. But few realize the time and effort we put into helping jewelers consider their options for the future. We share this advice as part of our service because we want independent retail jewelers to prosper.

If you are at that critical juncture in your business and your career, and need some advice in determining next steps, we would like to assist in your planning. Drop us a line or give us a call. We’d love to help you.


Jeff Gordon, CEO