Rocket Your Christmas Selling Season into 2022!

Jeff Gordon
Jan 12, 2022

The industry has just completed one of the best jewelry Christmas selling seasons ever, but no one knows how long this once in a lifetime quest for jewelry will last.  So why not keep that theme going with a special sale event early this year?  It could be centered around Valentine’s Day or even Mother’s Day, with the added advantage of:

  1. Keeping in-store traffic flowing by extending the holiday 
  2. Building a larger customer email and mailing list for 2022
  3. Reducing aged and unwanted merchandise that hasn’t sold
  4. Taking advantage of jewelry sales before disposable income is diverted to other uses

There is no time like the present to leverage the good times because it may be a short window of time before things change.  If Christmas was this good, imagine how a sale event early in the year or even in the Spring with discounted products you want to get rid of can maximize your selling opportunity.  

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Jeff Gordon, CEO