Signage Makes a Difference

Jeff Gordon
Sep 24, 2020

Since we work with many of the finest retailers in the country, they are always very concerned about the look and feel of a major sale event in their stores. They have a coveted brand and a quality reputation to uphold, so they must maintain an impeccable image while maximizing the amount of money they put in their pocket. 

So, they often ask us about our advertising and promotion style and are very protective of the image portrayed during their sale. Since many of the sale events we orchestrate are for inventory reductions, store moving, and business transitions, we want to uphold the integrity of what we do and how we do it to support the retailer’s continuing business.

The quality of signage is a very big issue, so that’s why we want to show you two signs that each tell a very different story to your customers. The one in yellow is distasteful and smacks of low-class, while the one in blue and white says essentially the same thing, but is dignified while still being robust. 

Signage is just one of a dozen or more ways we promote a fine, upscale store. But it’s an important one and needs your attention if you are to maintain the credibility of your name and reputation in the community. It’s just one way we differentiate ourselves from the crowd, and helps you to see The Gordon Company difference in living color.

Contact us right away for a closer look at the many ways we promote your store, maximize your financial return, and maintain the dignity you deserve in the community you serve.


Jeff Gordon, CEO