Something Magical

Jeff Gordon
Mar 8, 2023

Something magical happens when you engage in a major sale event to reduce inventory levels to focus on custom, move your store from one location to another, close a store due to mediocre performance, plan for a transition to retirement, become a private jeweler, or even go out of business.

Your best customers are excited to benefit from great deals before anyone else does from the public at large. People line up outside your door to have a chance to purchase your precious products. Staff are thrilled to be as busy as it is during the last week before Christmas. And owners are over the top at how many tickets are written each day, seeing their customer base grow exponentially. In addition to this, you’ll be astonished at how aged and underperforming items that have been a financial burden to you are out of inventory and onto the hands of customers, many of whom are brand new to your store.

This is what we experience every season of the year. And it really doesn’t matter whether it’s Spring, Summer or Fall. The holiday season is of course the best time of the year to run a sale event, but if you want to preserve your best margins for the Christmas season, you can hold your sale during another season and benefit from both in the same year. That being said, there’s still time to run a sale in any season of 2023 that will best fit your needs.

If any of these very practical business reasons is of interest to you, we would love to share our insights and experience with you with absolutely no obligation on your part. Our goal is to support our industry with whatever needs may arise in the sales and promotion arena.


Jeff Gordon, CEO