The Formula for a Successful Sales Event

Jeff Gordon
May 1, 2019

Too often I see jewelers running sales that just don’t work. They get frustrated and conclude – incorrectly – that sale events don’t work because the ones they’ve done haven’t worked for them.

Running sale events too often teaches your customers that they are anything but real. Customers are smarter than that and see through fake promotions. They are tired of seeing jewelry stores with illegitimate sale signs. They don’t buy it, nor will they buy from you if done incorrectly.

Running a great sale event is both art and science. It’s an art because there are no two sale events that are alike. Each calls for creativity and nuance that can only be developed over years of experience. Knowing when and how to advertise, what mediums work best for your store and community, how to discount and frame promotions, and how to prepare your staff for maximum success are areas of expertise outside of the knowledge and experience of most upscale retail jewelers. You are great at what you do, but not at major sale events.

In addition to the art of a sale, such events are also highly scientific. Most jewelers will not recognize or know the formulas needed for a successful sale. Nor will they know the process of developing analytics that maximize return on investment. I can tell you within two days whether a major sale event will be successful based on proven empirical evidence.

But why am I writing about this. Because there is so much misunderstanding about the do’s and don’ts of running sale events. And that’s where experience is really the best teacher.

If you would like to learn more about how to run a successful sale event that brings you an incredible return, please contact us and we’ll show you how. Better yet, we’ll do it all for you and we’ll make your life easy and your cash register ring.


Jeff Gordon, CEO