The Hiring Problem

Jeff Gordon
Aug 16, 2023

Hiring and retaining quality staff is top of mind for all jewelers today. The pandemic caused many people to evaluate their priorities and reflect on what they want out of life and a career. Some people dropped out of the workforce, including many Baby Boomers, most of whom were already at retirement age.

Yet other industries also lost people. Many teachers became fed up with the educational system, the medical field and law enforcement had significant fallout, and the travel and hospitality industries suffered more than most. Ironically, these same job losses also represent a possible opportunity for the retail jewelry trade.

What we often forget is the joy and fun surrounding our own industry. The happiness marked by jewelry gift-giving occasions is hard to match in other fields. I don’t feel we do nearly enough as an industry to attract bright young talent into it. We are probably in the midst of a leaner year or two, so now is a good time to take advantage of layoffs in other industries that we are currently reading about.

 At The Gordon Company, we are in the business of helping retail jewelers in many different ways. We help you reduce poor-performing inventory, raise cash when you need it, and assist in your retirement or transition planning. Contact us today if we can help meet your needs.


Jeff Gordon, CEO