The Multiplier Effect

Jeff Gordon
Jan 27, 2022

You may be familiar with the economic term “the multiplier effect.” It’s a phenomenon whereby a given change in a particular input – government spending, for example – causes a change in output, such as increased gross domestic product.

For a variety of reasons over the past twenty months, we have experienced a “multiplier effect” of our own in the retail jewelry industry. Through a confluence of circumstances – most of which we had little control over – our trade has benefitted from a sort of multiplier effect all our own.

When the going gets good, the good get going. We are experiencing an unprecedented economic environment that simply can’t last much longer. It is crucial that you take advantage of the times by leveraging your own multiplier to your business.

If business is still good, it can be much, much better by investing in a major sale event this Spring. An increase in spending – advertising and promotion, for example – will yield a multiplier effect in sales that will be many times greater than anything you’ve experienced in past years. We know because we’ve done it for fine jewelers over numerous decades, and even more so in the past year, and the results speak for themselves. Historically, The Gordon Company’s off-season sales produce 3 – 4 times what the retailer normally does in the same period of time. 

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Jeff Gordon