The Sophisticated Approach

Jeff Gordon
Jun 21, 2018

The biggest dilemma for upscale retail jewelers is how to conduct a major sale event without tarnishing their solid image in the community. I probably understand this better than most because that is exactly how I feel about my own business. I would never do anything to denigrate the brand I have worked so hard to build over many, many years, nor would I ever ask my clients to do so.

 That’s why I feel so strongly that an upscale retail jeweler must dignify every event by offering a totally professional approach to the opportunity. Whether it’s a strategic store closing, a move to a new location, an inventory reduction, or an ownership transition and retirement, it must be handled with the utmost care and a discriminating touch. That’s what we call “The Sophisticated Approach” at The Gordon Company.

Every event we conduct is carefully scrutinized and managed to ensure protection of the fine jeweler’s quality image. Anything less than this can lead to a long-term drop in sales due to a loss of image and a severe lack of trust by the consuming public. Think of it as a slow erosion of your quality brand, one that is difficult to pinpoint and even more challenging to re-build.

We conduct very few going out of business sales because our primary job is to help jewelers stay in business by creating events that raise cash, reduce aged and under-performing merchandise, substantially increase email and direct mail lists, and position a store for the next generation. So when you think it’s time to reignite your business with a strategic sale event, think of the company that focuses on “the sophisticated approach” to such events, and you can’t go wrong.


Jeff Gordon