Time to Make Your Year!

Jeff Gordon
Jun 21, 2018

You and your staff have worked hard all year, but no month is as important as this one. You’re already stocked up and ready for the holiday selling season. Here are three critical reminders:

1) Be Motivated Every Day! Your motivation as an owner or manager feeds into the motivation of your staff. It is critical that you be “up” every day and encourage your staff to sell and service customers. Let the busy work go for now. The most important thing that happens in a store is the sale. Make your time count.

2) Get the Rest You Need! I know. You’re saying, “Who has time for rest in December?” The holiday season is a grind, but you need reasonable rest to be motivated each day and to endure the longer hours that come with the season. Adequate sleep is critical, so make sure you get as much of it as you can.

3) Enjoy the Season! You’ve been waiting all year for the traffic and activity you’ll have this month, so delight in it. The average jewelry store will generate over 20% of total annual sales in December, so there is no reason not to enjoy this tremendous time of year.

Do these three things and here’s to a great holiday selling season!


Jeff Gordon