What Do Loosening COVID Restrictions Mean to Jewelers?

Jeff Gordon
Jun 10, 2021

As our country begins to “open up” state by state, we will see many people going back to the office, back to school, and out in the community more and more. People have mostly been cooped up for over a year, have been dressing casually, and want to get out. They need new clothes, supplies, accessories, and more. Many are headed back to pandemic-closed offices and new opportunities for self-expression will surely eat into this past year’s spending on jewelry. 

We see travel and entertainment as targets for previously home-bound shoppers, and clothing, electronics, and all consumer goods sectors will be vying for the disposable income of the public. This combined with a stronger national savings rate and increased government-granted money floating in the economy means a boom in retailing. 

But what does this mean for jewelers? How will you bring people into your store when there are so many other choices of where to shop and how to spend their money?

You need a strong reason to attract customers to your store. Jewelry says love better than any other item, but we need a good excuse to get them in. Nothing does this better than a major sale event. 30% or more of the sales you will make during one of our events will be to entirely new customers who have never been to your store. 

We have helped hundreds of jewelers with advice and direction as premier consultants for major sale events. If you need a trusted advisor to assist you, please give us a call. 



Jeff Gordon, CEO