Who Gives You What for Your Inventory?

Jeff Gordon
Aug 22, 2018

It’s the age old question. What should we do with our aged and underperforming inventory?

Should we scrap it? After all, it’s been around for years. But it’s beautiful. Or is it? Your customers have voted on it for years, and they’ve said NO! But maybe someone will come in the store tomorrow and buy it. That’s the dream you keep dreaming.

Scrapping it will give you the least amount of return, maybe 15 or 20% of what you have in it. So what about selling it to a close-out merchant? I guess that will work. But what will he give you? Maybe just a touch over scrap. It still isn’t worth it.

What about spiffing it to your sales staff or putting it in your “half off” sales case? That could work, if in fact the merchandise will sell. People may want to know what’s wrong with it. Nothing really. It’s just old and no one has wanted it for years.

These and other methods are reasonable ways to liquidate unwanted jewelry, but there’s still no guarantee the merchandise will sell, and it costs you money just to hold on to it. So what gives you the best return on your investment for merchandise you need to liquidate?

The answer: having a major inventory reduction event that will generate huge financial returns while eliminating merchandise that has been weighing you down. If this sounds attractive, we would love to discuss the options with you.

Our business is to help you stay in business with inventory solutions that will free you to pay off debt, invest in fresh merchandise, develop new designers, expand your mailing list, and prepare for a successful future. Contact us today for a free, confidential, no obligation consultation.


Jeff Gordon