Who Is The Gordon Company, Really?

Jeff Gordon
Mar 4, 2020

People sometimes ask us who we are and what we do at The Gordon Company, so I wanted to devote this newsletter to answering those questions.

First, we are a creative team of industry professionals devoted to helping fine jewelry retailers improve their businesses. We do this with a diversified line of services stretching from inventory reduction to cash raising to store closings to business transitions, including retirement sales and business closures.

Second, we are experts in in-store promotions to reduce or eliminate aged, unwanted, and under-performing merchandise. Cash flow issues and undercapitalization are common problems for jewelry retailers and this can place significant strain on jewelry businesses. This is where outside professionals can really help.

Third, we are brand protectors, ensuring that the quality of advertising and marketing is tasteful, yet effective, in accomplishing your financial goals. Our client list reads like a Who’s Who in jewelry retailing, so protecting your brand name and reputation in the community is a top priority for us, and for our upscale retailers.

Fourth, we are builders of mailing lists, both postal and email. 30-50% of the customers who will buy from you during one of our major sale events will be new to your store and will now be part of your ongoing mailing list. The significance of this cannot be over-stated for future business.

Fifth, we are teachers and advisors to our clients in improving their business, before, during, and after a sale event. We instruct them on marketing and merchandising techniques that can continue the momentum generated through a sale, and help them retain and build upon the expanded clientele they have just created.

Sixth, we bring a fresh perspective to your business, and even get you out of your comfort zone by introducing ideas that you have never considered. Each plan is tailored to your unique situation after exhaustive analysis of your business.

Finally, what makes us different from others is our decades of experience in the field; our professional approach to advising; the quality of our promotional materials; our soft-sell, seasoned approach with clients; the fact that we don’t own any inventory and only want to sell yours; and most of all, our reputation for honesty and integrity. We promise a great experience with tremendous results, and we deliver it in a way that is unique to us.

If we can help you, offer advice, or be of service for whatever needs you have, it would be our pleasure to do so.


Jeff Gordon, CEO