Why Run a Major Sale Event?

Jeff Gordon
Aug 30, 2023

We are often asked about the benefits of running a sale event with our company. We know what it has done for hundreds of other jewelers, but you may not know what it can do for you. Here are nine key results from engaging in a sale with us:

1) Increase your customer base well beyond current levels.

2) Grow your permanent mailing list and email list.

3) Create enormous awareness in your community.

4) Reward your best customers the most.

5) Instill good habits, like clientelling, to your staff.

6) Introduce new, imaginative marketing concepts to the store.

7) Prove which advertising works best for you.

8) Increase your liquidity and cash flow.

9) Dispose of aged and underperforming merchandise.

A major sale event with our experts is like a clinic in marketing. It positions your store like no other event can.

We do sale events for any number of important reasons including inventory reduction, cash raising, store closing, store relocation, store renovation, business transition, retirement, or going out of business. If you are in need in any of these areas, we would like to help. Contact us for a no obligation consultation today.


Jeff Gordon, CEO