Why We Don’t Own Inventory

Jeff Gordon
Aug 9, 2018

As professionals who run sale events for jewelers, we decided long ago not to own our own inventory. We feel it is the jeweler’s job to own inventory, and our job to help them sell it.

Our decision not to purchase close-outs and unwanted inventory is a strategic one, and is guided by our belief that we want to be completely unbiased when it comes to whose merchandise we sell. In effect, we are going well out of our way to avoid even the subtle appearance of a conflict of interest with our clients.

Call us old school, but this is how we feel, and how we operate. We do bring in augment inventory from key suppliers that is specifically tailored to the brand and image of every store, but there is no added incentive to sell it. Plus, each jeweler we work with has the final say on what additional merchandise is brought into the store and what is excluded from their product mix.

Every jeweler has holes in their merchandise assortment that must be filled with additional augmented inventory. When you work with The Gordon Company, you can be certain that none of that added merchandise is our own, and doubly certain that our primary goal is to sell your unwanted inventory and maximize your return on investment.

Please give us a call if you have questions, or if you would like a free, confidential, no obligation consultation on our extensive services.

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Jeff Gordon