Why You Need a Professional Sales Advisor

Jeff Gordon
Aug 17, 2021

You’ve devoted a working lifetime to your jewelry business.  You’re an expert in leading and managing a fine jewelry store.  You’ve mastered the elements to compete in your marketplace.  While all of this is true, running a major sale event is something you have likely never done.  

Rather than be tempted to run a short-term, flash-in-the-pan sale, take your time to consider what is in your best long-term interest.  Think about the goals you want to achieve through a sale event.  Do you have aged and underperforming merchandise to reduce?  Are you in need of raising some cash?  Do you need to increase traffic and your customer base?  Are you getting ready to retire and transition your business?

A good professional will help you determine your needs and establish a set of goals to achieve.  Their interest should be to get to know you and your business extremely well.  Without a sincere interest in what is best for you, anything can happen, and it often does.  If a major sale event is your best option, a good advisor will recommend it, and help you achieve it.

Keep in mind, an event of this magnitude may be something that can only be done once; therefore, this is an opportunity that cannot be wasted. That’s why it is important not to do a sale on your own.  We realize major sale events aren’t your expertise, so you should seek a professional who has the experience and reputation to help you.  This is what we do at The Gordon Company, and it is all we do.  You’re an expert in your day-to-day operations, we’re experts in the promotional sale business. Contact us today—we’ll be the trusted partner you can count on in this arena.


Ira Bergman, President