You Only Have 30 Days

Jeff Gordon
Sep 29, 2022

The recent .75 interest rate hike sounds yet another alarm that inflation is out of control and that business is slowing. Curbing inflation is a priority, but jewelry retailers are feeling the crunch.

That being said, it’s still not too late to book a sale event for the holiday season, but it’s the 11th hour and you have to decide!

You’ve felt the slowdown like everyone else. You know the times have changed. The success that retail jewelers felt last year is gone and we’ve entered a new reality.

The question is: What you will do with that new reality?

At The Gordon Company we have mastered the ability to run a major sale event that saves your year and ensures a good start to the next one. But time is running out and a decision must be made.

Let us help you get through the tough times ahead with confidence. Our expertise is unquestioned and we want to help you like we have hundreds of your fellow jewelers.

Contact our president Ira Bergman (917) 861-9607 immediately to reserve your place for a sale event this holiday season. We are days away from decision time and look forward to hearing from you!


Jeff Gordon, CEO