You Sell Jewelry…. We Market Your Brand

Jeff Gordon
Jul 28, 2021

Recently we were meeting with a client after his highly successful sale event.  We always debrief with clients following a sale because, despite running hundreds of such events over the years, we continue to refine our planning and perspective for future clients.  

Not only was this client pleased with his financial results, he was amazed at what he learned about how to market to his customer base in the years ahead.  In his words, 

“You guys are marketing geniuses!  What I gained was not just the elimination of my aged inventory and significantly increased cash flow, I learned how to promote my stellar reputation in the community and market to a wider range of customers and client segments, some of which I had never considered.”

Many fine jewelers think of inventory reduction sales as a negative to their image and a last resort in their thinking.  Not true.  What the above jeweler learned in marketing concepts alone was invaluable to his future.  He saw his customer base grow as a result of the sales and marketing techniques we employed.  People who had never crossed the threshold of his store were now his new customers.

You are an expert in selling jewelry.  We want your focus to be on what you know and love.  We are experts in marketing your brand. We understand the changing landscape, can distinguish between different demographics, and desire to master your market.  

Finally, we know how to deliver the financial results you expect, and how to build your client base with unparalleled marketing techniques.  Let us help you improve your current position and secure your future goals, all while you concentrate on the core of your business—let us take care of the rest.


Jeff Gordon, CEO