How can I be assured that my stellar brand image won’t be negatively affected by a sale event?

Jeff Gordon
Jun 19, 2019

This is a legitimate concern we hear from almost every fine jeweler we work with. The Gordon Company prides itself in working with the top jewelers in the country. Our professionalism is next to none in the industry, and we do everything possible to ensure the quality and integrity of each area in a sale event, from the marketing materials created specifically for you, to the type of advertising used, to the fit of augmented merchandise brought into your store, to the quality of our on-site Gordon Company representative. Most of all, you, the jeweler, approve each and every area of the sale. We want and need your 100% support. That is what makes our sale successful financially where your personal goals will be met and also guarantees the maintenance of your top-notch brand and quality image in the community.

We also learned that it IS possible to maintain our high level of integrity and trust with our existing and new customers while conducting a sale. This was something we were never in favor of since we thought it would undermine our philosophy. But it did nothing of the kind because of the way The Gordon Company orchestrated the event.