Learning and Growing

Jeff Gordon
Mar 2, 2021

A new year brings new thinking to what was, and what will be, in the months ahead. This is especially true after going through such challenging times. Difficult as they were – and will likely continue in 2021 – we all learned how to do more with less and to employ new techniques and technology to our trade. For instance, according to a study conducted by Jewelers Going Digital , around 50% of all jewelers with websites aren’t set-up to sell online—we introduced a new e-commerce platform where 100% of our clients can sell online to their customers, in just a number of days.

We believe three groups of jewelry retailers emerged from 2020: those who did well, those who struggled, and those who want to call it quits. Regardless of where you stand, we can help every jeweler because running a major sale event is something you should do over any given period of years, although each individual situation could be for different reasons. 

All jewelers need to maintain and increase their daily traffic whether it be instore or online, as well as to replenish those customers lost via attrition. Doing so will not only reduce inventory, increase cash flow, but also create goodwill in their community during challenging times. And speaking of challenges, we now offer you the capability to interact with your clients through a revolutionary virtual-selling platform, if they are unable to make it in your store, or if they still don’t feel comfortable shopping in public.

If you struggled and are looking for a jump start to the year – or even if you did really well – nothing will help you more than a spring or summer sale, with our new and useful tools we’ve implemented for your benefit, to substantially increase sales during a typically slow time of the year. And if you are thinking that this is your last year in business, we would like to help you go out in style with commitment, integrity, and a lot of money in your pocket. Please contact us soon because we anticipate a busy 2021.



Jeff Gordon, CEO