What can I expect to gain in increased customer base resulting from the sale’s significant advertising and promotion?

Jeff Gordon
Jun 16, 2019

Our clients have experienced a range between a 20% – 52% increase in customer base as a result of the sales event. We collect both street and email addresses on all customers. It is common for new customers to say that they never knew the store was there until they saw our advertising. This increased customer base adds significantly to the growth potential of the business.

“I thought The Gordon Company would help me with a positive sale, but I didn’t realize they would also help me with my future operations. 41% of the customers during the sale were new, and they added nearly 1,500 names to my mailing list, and over 1,300 to my email list! I now have a list of fresh, new customers, which I can transition into healthy sales going forward. I can’t thank The Gordon Company enough.”